Welcome to the Coldean Community Forum Group

We are a friendly group of like-minded people who live in Coldean and want to make improvements to the local community. Our aims are to make improvements to the environment, safety in the area and address any issues that residents may have.

We hold our meetings on the first Tuesday of every month in New Larchwood Café Waldron Avenue Coldean from 7.oo pm.

You are welcome to come along.

For more information please contact rd.berry@virginmedia.com

Meeting dates February 7th. March 7th. April 4th. May 2nd. June 6th. July 4th. Aug 1st. Sept 5th. Oct 3rd AGM. Nov 7th. Dec 5th.


Defibrillator in Coldean


Good news Coldean now has a defibrillator and are about to purchase a second unit. These will be registered with the ambulance service.

We would like to thank Brighton University and Sussex University for the generous donations towards the purchase of these units.

Also thank you to Mark Boase for the procurement of the equipment and training.

If you have never used Defibrillator AED then click the link below. Please note that not all Defibrillators are the same some shock automatically and on others you have to press a button but all will give you instructions.

The video is not a training video but will give you confidents to use one. Remember without your help the patients chance of survival diminishes significantly.














6 Responses to Home

  1. Alison says:

    I am in the process of buying a house and moving to Coldean in the not too distant future. Are there any groups/clubs for middle-aged people in the direct vicinity? Not vital, but just wondering.

  2. 98Guadalupe says:

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  3. Jeffrey A Avenell says:

    Just another note Dad used to breed Chincilla Rabbits showing them in many shows around Coldean and Brighton. If I remember correctly mum won prizes for her sponges and I won prizes for my wildflowers collections all this happening at Coldean society shows around 1956.I can still remember me onnthe front page of the Argus with Dads prize rabbits.

  4. Geoff Chaplin says:

    Good Morning Jeff matey and a Happy New Year to you and yours. I still live in Brighton, but no longer in Coldean. Now I live a lot closer to the centre of the town.

  5. Jeff Avenell says:

    My family are ex residents from 1954 we lived at 27 Hawkhurst road I went to Coldean primary then to Moulscombe boys for 1 year before moving to Devon. 1966 my family emigated to Syfney Australua.

  6. Geoff Chaplin says:

    Am an ex-resident who used to live in Beatty Avenue.

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