Introducing the Coldean Residents Association

The Coldean Residents Association was formed around 2003 bringing together like-minded Coldean community residents as a response, initially, to antisocial behaviour on the estate.

A number of original members are still on the committee (such as Pat Berry and Sue Harris) and new members are joining all the time. The Residents Association currently numbers approximately 15 members, some which have specific roles (see below) and others that have a specific interest in the local community.

The current committee is made up as follows, with the other members supporting the activities that the group is currently involved in.


Chairman – Sue Harris. Sue chairs and facilitates meetings, organises the AGM and has a pivotal role in the group.

ViceChair – Pat Berry – Pat also chairs meetings, co-ordinates the Newsletter, is involved in the festival/fair 

Secretary – Rob Berry – It is the secretary’s role to organise meetings, produce agendas, take minutes and co-ordinate correspondence and runs the website

Treasurer – Hannah James – The treasurer is in charge of all financial aspects of the group.


Interview with Sue Harris

This month I have been speaking to Sue Harris who has been a member of the TRA since it’s inception in 2003. A Coldean resident for all her life years she currently works as carer.


Sue, as a founder member of the Residents association, of all the things that CRA has achieved since it’s inception what are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the fact that over the last 6 years we have formed an effective group that can get things done for the community. We now have a voice for the community that brings issues to the attention of the right people.

I am also very proud of our newsletter


What do you see as the core issues for Coldean at the moment?

Development of the website is the most exciting thing we are going at the moment. I am hoping this will raise the profile of the Residents Association and more residents will be able to see what we are doing and become involved. Communication is important and I see the website as central to this.

Organising the Fair is also top of our list.


Do you have anything you would like to say to the residents of Coldean?

“Use it or Lose it”


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2 Responses to Introducing the Coldean Residents Association

  1. Robin Berry says:

    Hi Tricia,
    We are working hard to address the problem of verge parking, you may have noticed the plant boxes in Beatty Avenue this has stopped some of the parking on the verges around the school, but it is bad in other areas in Coldean.
    The council is looking to reinstate a byelaw regarding verge and pavement parking, if successful they will be able to issue fines.
    I have also lived in Coldean for many years and I agree with you the estate has declined over the last 10 years, weeds every wear the grass not being cut. We have tackled the council about this and they say this is due to budget cuts, strange that Eastbourne doesn’t suffer with this problem!
    The studentifcation of Coldean is adding to the parking problems and also the housing stocks in Coldean and I fear that it will only get worse. The council does have an article four that restricts the number of HMOs with in a fifty meter area. We are taking part in a scheme that allows us to report to the council new HMOs if we think they are contravening this article and also to report poor quality and overcrowded properties. we also work with both Universities over issues like noisy students and antisocial behaviour.

    Thank you for posting we will continue to address residents concerns.

  2. As a resident of Coldean for 49 years, it saddens and disgusts me to see the lack of consideration now. Vehicles parked on pavements, grass verges looking shameful, wheelie bins left out on pavements all week. gardens unkempt. Part of the cause probably due to too many student let houses. These things degrade/devalue the once ‘ proud to live in ‘ area. What is being done about this. P.S RE; email address – caps lock not allowing the [a] to come up after the 8 .

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