Local History Video

Just found this 1962 clip from a family film in Coldean, now on YouTube. Anyone know who these people are? Recognise any of the places or changes over time?

Anyone else got old family photos or videos they want to share that show scenes from Coldean?


Geoff White says he may have solved who is in the video, Mr Elmes who ran the Scout club at the church, here is another video what do you think?


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One Response to Local History Video

  1. D says:

    Think they nailed the church in the first part of the first video. Looks to me like the garden of the community church here. Also I noticed from the first video it’s second location is Beatty Avenue, opposite the shops that are still shops these days. I believe the second Coldean video part is in roughly the same location as it shows the shops again and the steps leading to the shops are still the same today.

    Third video is amazing, and it shows a lot more than the previous did. It’s amazing to see Coldean back then. I wish there were still trees up Forest Road as were seen in this. Seeing Hollingbury and Stanmer was a nice touch.

    Thank you to all who brought these to light. Stay blessed.

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