Community Participation Events

New Larchwood Community Cafe

Community Cafe

New Larchwood in Waldron Avenue is more than an Extra Care housing facility for Older People. The lower ground floor, where Coldean’s GP Surgery and alternative therapies are available, is effectively a community centre for the area. Families are welcome and local people are invited to contribute and participate in Community activities. Community Participation Worker Steve Andrews is always keen to hear what you would like to see happen in Coldean. New Larchwood’s Community Cafe offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious food. The Cafe is open on Tuesday afternoons from 2pm to 4pm, Wednesday mornings 10am to 1pm and now on Thursday and Friday mornings.

 Call 676416 for more information.

Pictured below are some of the participants in the Coldean Community Allotment’s BBQ earlier in the summer. The site is near the Varley Halls of Residence in Coldean Lane and thanks to the work of Dr. Ron Sutton(second from right in the photo below) the past two years have seen the soil yield some excellent produce, most notably beetroot, onions, potatoes, garlic, tomatoes and carrots. Ron and Community Participation Worker Steve Andrews have been featured as part of the Climate Connections exhibition that has been doing the rounds in the Brighton and Sussex area throughout 2010. Remember, it’s your Community Allotment too so if you want to get involved preparing the soil for the next growing season or help with the harvest of potatoes in the late autumn call Steve or Ron on 676416. The Allotment group is looking to set up its own independent bank account soon and committee members will be needed.

Coldean Community Allotment

The local Art Group meets on Monday afternoons at the Community Cafe in New Larchwood from 2 to 4pm. New members of all levels are always welcome. The group is very friendly and has funding to exhibit from time to time.

An Older Peoples’ Music Group has proved a success in 2010 and will hopefully begin again during the autumn. The Group have enjoyed performing using a variety of ethnic musical instruments from around the world, facilitated by Phil Milburn of Lifemusic. Ring 676416 if you would like to participate.

Thanks to the genrosity of the Coldean Residents’ Association New Larchwood Community Cafe has been able to present a number of Special Events during 2009 and 2010. We have enjoyed playing host to “In The Mood” dance group who re-construct the dance hall years of war-torn Britain at two Tea Dances, as seen below.

There are frequently Special Events of this nature, particularly targeted at isolated vulnerable people living alone in Coldean. If you think you know someone who could benefit from social interaction please contact Steve or Kalishia on 676416. Volunteers are often needed to assist with these events so if this is something that would interest you also contact the same number.


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  1. Angie Martin says:

    Hi there I’m a resident of Coldean, is there any plans for a book club in the future at all ? I love reading and would love to share my passion with other people. Thanks Angie Martin

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